3 Ways to Accessorize Your Deck For The Ultimate Summer

With the arrival of warm weather and Memorial Day Weekend behind us, it’s probably safe to assume you’re ready to spend lazy afternoons and long summer nights in the comfort of your backyard. We don’t blame you! However, before you can sit back and relax, you may want to consider a few ways to beautify your outdoor space that will provide the ultimate summer hangout spot. If you’re interested in installing a brand new deck, some of these accessories are easily incorporated from the very beginning of the design process:

maryland deck pergola


Pergolas are a great way to extend your living space and can increase the amount of time you spend outside on warm, sunny days in the middle of a Maryland summer. Designed and oriented correctly on your deck, a pergola can provide plenty of shade for dinner parties, book reading, or a “work from home” office location. You may also install additional covers, for even more sun protection or in preparation for unpredictable summer storms, such as fabric or a retractable cover.

deck lighting in Maryland


Outdoor lighting is an essential accessory if you plan on using your deck at night. Afternoon summer gatherings can easily transition to an enjoyable evening retreat with the installation of deck lighting onto the railing posts or deck steps. These LED or solar powered lights are functional, affordable, and also a great safety feature! If you want to really spruce up your space, string lights or globe lights hung from the deck’s railing or a pergola will add an after-dark ambiance that will make any neighbor jealous!

maryland screened porch installation


When it rains, it pours – but not if you’re sitting comfortably from the inside of your screened porch! Adding a screened porch is a cost-effective way to adding additional living space to your home, as well as providing an outdoor space that you can use for more than just one season a year. For the summertime in particular, screened porches provide additional shade and can limit exposure to pesky bugs and insects. Nobody likes to leave an outdoor gathering covered in mosquito bites!

screened porch builder in annapolis

For this larger, more labor-intensive deck accessory, a fence and deck installation company can work with you to determine which style of screens, panels, beams, and roofing will look best with your home. You can even equip your screened porch with electricity to provide additional accessories, like lighting or ceiling fans.

screened porch company in Maryland

To finish accessorizing your deck and make it feel like a true extension of your home’s interior, pay attention to detail like you would with any other interior room. Textures, colors, outdoor rugs, and furniture design add personality to the outdoor space and become a reflection of you and your family’s unique style. While accessorizing your deck may sound expensive, there are plenty of practical, budget friendly ways to make your deck the ultimate summer dream!