Project of the Month: Trex Deck in Bel Air, Maryland

When many of our clients purchase a home in a developing community, they’re left with the opportunity to design an additional space that will add value to their home and ample room to relax and entertain. Our Maryland fence and deck company is pleased to help our customers create more space for outdoor living, whether it’s a structure that adheres to specific HOA guidelines, or a custom-designed deck that suits your home’s needs and unique personality!

Steve Nehus, one of our experienced Project Consultants, worked with homeowners to create a stunning, expansive outdoor space with plenty of upgrades and accessories.


Steve met with our clients to determine their vision for their deck, color and design options, and provide an overview of the decking materials and build process. Prior to our work, we helped to obtain a permit for the new deck. Generally, upon building a new deck for your home, you will be required to have a county permit. To obtain the permit, you need a copy of your property plat shows the property lines, and an indication of where the new deck will be constructed. You will also need a drawing of the deck to scale that clearly shows the dimensions of the deck, footer size and depth, beam size, joist size and spacing, decking material to be used, railing system and staircase location if any. Below, you’ll see a CAD Drawing of the new deck for our clients in Bel Air.

CAD Drawings:

Once the drawings were approved and the permit was obtained, our hardworking crews were ready to turn the plans on paper into reality! We built a new structure to support 552 sq. ft. of Trex Select Clam Shell decking secured using hidden fasteners.  Clam Shell is an easy-to-match shade of medium grey, featuring a low-maintenance, wood-like grain pattern. Matching Clam Shell seam boards, white vinyl Lincoln-style railing with black aluminum square balusters, and a Winchester Grey cap rail accent the deck boards for a high-end, polished look.


A 15′ x 12′ white vinyl pergola was raised over the left portion of the deck, complete with 8″ x 8″ vinyl square columns and New England trim rings. A pergola creates a beautiful outdoor space for hanging nighttime lights or climbing plants that provide shade and vibrant greenery. It’s a great deck accent that serves as a gathering spot for friends and family. With an on-deck fireplace, this section of the deck is cozy and comfortable for all seasons!

A perfect outside bar and seating area was also creating using double Winchester Grey boards and a white final fascia backsplash along 15′ of railing directly under the pergola. White Nebula eyeball lights are placed along the deck for nighttime use.

The entire deck wrapped in white vinyl fascia with mitered corners and capped with Cortex plugs. The beams and support posts were also wrapped with white vinyl fascia. One set of 10′ wide steps provide access to the deck from the backyard, complete with two white Corona riser lights placed on each riser — a definite safety feature for using the stairs after dark!