Why Fall is the Best Time to Install Your New Fence or Deck

You may think that once school starts and the beach bags are packed away, that fence and deck contractors also pack up and hibernate until the spring. However, fall is actually the optimal season for installation! Instead of waiting until next year to get a project started, homeowners can rest easy knowing their outdoor space will be ready for the first backyard BBQs once warmer weather returns again after the winter thaw. Plus, there are plenty of great fall decorating options for your backyard! Below are just a few reasons why you should install your new fence or deck in the fall months! 

Faster Turnaround Time

By completing your fence or deck project in the “off-season,” homeowners can beat the spring rush without worry and delay. Spring and summer are undoubtedly the busiest seasons for fence and deck contractors, as homeowners spend more time outside noticing much needed repairs or imagining the backyard of their dreams. As the end-of-summer projects start to wrap up, however, onsite estimate appointment and installation turnaround times are most often much quicker – which means less time day-dreaming about your new outdoor space and more time actually enjoying it! There are also a lot less weather issues in the fall, as opposed to spring and summer months, where torrential downpours and thunderstorms can cause delays during your assigned installation day.

Plants and Landscape Are Better Protected 

During the spring or summer season the Maryland weather can range from hot, humid days to rain and storms with very little warning. During the fall, the weather is a lot more bearable and the cooler weather dries out the landscape. While experienced fence and deck contractors will work carefully to ensure as little disruption to the property as possible, a dormant landscape makes it much easier to build without damaging lawn or plants near the proposed installation site. Getting your fence or deck ready during the fall will also give you an excellent start in getting new plants and flowers, as you won’t need to wait for project completion before prepping for a spring bloom.

Dry Weather Is Optimal For New Wood Fences and Decks

If you plan on using pressure-treated wood for your fence or deck, the material will have time to “season” properly outdoors, without being exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight. Wood that has been pressure treated contains only 50% of its moisture content, so as the humidity dies down in the fall months, it helps the wood stabilize faster and it will dry more evenly. When it comes to staining, a wood stain won’t adhere well to damp wood and can crack and peel. A stain should be applied to dry wood when it hasn’t rained for several days and the forecast calls for at least two days of dry weather between 50° F and 90° F — a common range for fall weather in Maryland! 

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*This article will be featured in the Severna Park Times Fall Home & Garden Guide