Why You Should Invest in a Gazebo For Your Deck

Having a screened-in porch is the perfect marriage of indoor and outdoor living. While we do offer screened porch installations in Anne Arundel County, we unfortunately are unable to provide that service for other Maryland counties. But, don’t worry! Fence & Deck Connection is happy to provide a beautiful alternative to screened-in porches that will not disappoint — vinyl gazebos.

gazebo is an attractive outdoor structure that also serves a very practical purpose. It’s a pleasant place to sit outdoors, topped by either a semi-open roof that provides shade or a waterproof shingled roof that protects you from the elements. The gazebo’s structure can comprise just posts and no walls, or low walls about three or four feet high. While a gazebo without walls requires less material, installing walls will enable you to attach benches and add screens if you want to keep insects and critters.

Though not a traditional screened porch, a vinyl gazebo offers many advantages to enjoying the great outdoors in comfort and style, while remaining extremely budget friendly. Take a look at a few reasons why your new deck wouldn’t be complete without a beautifully crafted vinyl gazebo!

1. Gazebos Provide Shelter

The main advantage of having gazebos is that they offer overhead shelter which is not provided by almost all patios and decks. Most gazebos are airy and open and provide budget friendly comfort in the heat of Maryland summers or the crisp air and windy weather in the fall and early winter. Often times we see our backyard and deck from our window, but rarely do we wander out to enjoy it. Imagine a space that is comfortable, free of insects and outdoor pests, protected from the sun and all types of weather, and offers solace. Vinyl gazebos, especially when screened, provide homeowners an inviting space that draws you out all year around for maximum deck enjoyment!

2. Gazebos Are Customizable

Gazebos come in various sizes, shapes and materials, but are most commonly made of wood in an octagonal, round, or rectangular shape. We are proud to offer beautiful, handcrafted vinyl gazebos made of structural pressure-treated southern yellow pine covered with maintenance-free white vinyl in three different octagonal shapes.

Since every home is different, our vinyl gazebos do not come “one size fits all!” Both the gazebo railing and flooring will match the deck boards and railing you choose for your deck. The roof is built with double 2×4 rafters and sheeted with beautiful 1×6 tongue & groove boards, then covered with roofing paper and 30-year architectural asphalt shingles. The shingles will match your home’s roof color as closely as possible, so it looks like a true extension of your home. Additionally, homeowners may choose the standard roof, of if you’d like to incorporate a little extra flair and charm into your new outdoor room, you can choose a roof with a cupola, a roof with a pagoda, and a roof option with a pagoda and a cupola. Each option offers a unique look and feel that can match your decking style. 

Roof with Pagoda and Cupola

3. Gazebos Provide Room For Diverse Activities

Since gazebos can be built as an open space or have screened walls, a gazebo can be used for an amazing variety of activities! At Fence & Deck Connection, we offer an optional electrical package which can really provide maximum comfort in your outdoor room. An electrical upgrade includes one switch and one receptacle — the switch can control a fan or a light of your choosing. If you’re considering adding a vinyl gazebo to your new deck, consider the following ways you can utilize your new space:

  • An intimate space for quiet conversations with friends, family, or guests
  • An outdoor kitchen or grilling spot
  • A cozy spot to exchange wedding vows
  • A peaceful place to do read, exercise, or meditate while protected from he elements
  • An outdoor classroom or work space

 Our hand-crafted vinyl garden gazebos are a modern take on traditional wood gazebos and can be the perfect accent piece for a newly finished deck. If you’re interested in installing your personalized outdoor space, contact us to set up an appointment for a free onsite estimate!