Best Fence Options For Your Dog and Other Furry Friends

Just like humans, our beloved pets like to spend time outdoors. For dog owners especially, it’s important to have a safe outdoor space where your pup gets plenty of fresh air and exercise. A decently sized yard is great, but without a proper enclosure or fence, you’re left with the task of keeping your dog on a leash. Fences enable your pet to play in a secure space, without risk of running off, getting hit by a car, or coming into contact with stray animals. A well-installed fence also allows you to open the back door and let your pet do its business, without early morning or late-night dog walks — total game changer!

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, or already have one, it’s wise to consider the best fencing options that will suit both your home and your dog’s personalities. So what’s the best fence for dogs? Take a look below for a little more information on popular types of fencing that will keep your dog safe and secure.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing or wire mesh fencing is an inexpensive solution for many dog owners. As a low-cost and low-maintenance option, this type of fencing seems ideal for building a dog run enclosure. There are some “cons” to chain link fencing, however. This type of fencing is easy to see-through, so if your dog loves to bark at everything and anything passing by, you may become the newest neighborhood nuisance. Despite being budget-friendly, chain link fences are not the most aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for that instant curb appeal, other fencing options might better suit your needs!

Aluminum Fencing

aluminum fence for dogs

For larger and more aggressive dogs, aluminum fencing is a great option. Not only do aluminum and ornamental fences offer a classic, sophisticated look, but they are also the stronger, more durable choice. Additionally, aluminum fencing is nearly maintenance-free, so the only think you’ll need to worry about is cleaning up after Fido takes care of business!

Pressure-Treated Wood Fencing

privacy dog fence

A classic wooden fence is a great choice, especially if you have a dog that barks or growls at people, cars, or dogs (possibly even squirrels!). A solid privacy fence — not slated — blocks the sight of the street or neighboring yards. A pressure-treated wood privacy fence is strong and sturdy, and can minimize noise. If you have a large dog, taller privacy fences also ensure your dog stays put and will prevent them from jumping over to wander off.

Vinyl Fencing

vinyl picket fencing for dogs

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for our Maryland customers due the benefits of the material. Unlike wood, vinyl does not split, twist, warp, rust, or rot. Vinyl fencing is also quite flexible, so it can take on more weight and force — a major benefit if your furry friend is a larger breed who likes to jump or go after fence balancing act squirrels. Unlike wood fencing, you won’t need to worry about yearly sanding or staining. If your dog likes to kick up dirt, vinyl fencing is quite easy to clean. Just use a little soap and water and you’re good to go!

What’s the best type of fence for my dog?

The best fence for your dog will ultimately depend on your pet’s needs. Smaller dogs won’t require a taller privacy fence, and quieter, well-behaved dogs might do just fine with a see-through picket-fence. Take into consideration the space between panels, or spaces that can act as foot holds, which can allow your dog to climb over the fence and jump of. Regardless of which option you go with, your furry friend will be thrilled to have a convenient place to relax and play outside.

If you need help installing a fenced in yard at your Maryland home this spring or summer, our knowledgeable Projects Consultants are ready to help you get your project started. Just “bark” at us by filling out our short contact form and your pet will be wagging their tail in no time!