Makeover Monday: Deck Extension in Laurel, Maryland

Whether you have a growing family, need a little more room for entertaining, or need to make room for a new patio set, there are lots of reasons to expand a previously installed deck. If your house came with a deck that’s simply not big enough to accommodate your gatherings, or you’ve made the decision to invest in a larger outdoor space, you have two choices: you can tear out the old one and build a new structure or you can attach an extension.

Kevin Bullion, one of Fence & Deck Connection’s friendly and knowledgeable Project Consultants helped our clients in Laurel, Maryland build upon their current structure and expand their outdoor footprint. The end result is a beautiful outdoor space in Howard County’s Walden Woods community that will provide years of enjoyment! 


Leaving the existing deck as is, we removed and hauled away some of the original deck boards at the handrail line, as well as the railing and fascia. We then extended the space with a free standing 12′ x 26′ structure supporting 312 sq. ft. of Trex Enhance decking in the gorgeous Toasted Sand hue. Toasted Sand is a tawny seashell brown with subtle dark-brown splashes, featuring a low-maintenance, wood-like grain pattern. Seam boards are centered in the new deck, and are also in the Toasted Sand color.

White vinyl Washington-style railing with black aluminum balusters secures the extended space, and white vinyl textured fascia finishes the expansion for a clean, finished look.


Is your current deck in need of an extension or a complete makeover? Fill out our short contact form to get started on your project and maybe your space will be a future #MakeoverMonday!