Makeover Monday: Privacy Fencing in Laurel, Maryland

Most properly installed fences have a lifespan of between twenty and fifty years. However, that time truly depends on material, and whether or not homeowners keep up with proper maintenance. While wooden fences are extremely sturdy, they do need to be stripped, sealed, and/or painted every few years to protect it from the elements. Without proper upkeep, a wood fence will became weather-worn and begin to rot much faster, often becoming unsightly.

Homeowners in Laurel, Maryland contacted Fence & Deck Connection to give their home’s backyard fencing a bit of a facelift, increasing the curb appeal of their beautiful home. David King, one of FDC’s knowledgable Project Consultants, met with our clients at their home in PG County to discuss the vision, design requirements, and budget for their new fence. Once the plans were approved and a county permit was obtained, we were able to bring their vision to life!

Before: Wooden Fencing

We first removed and hauled away the existing fence, before installing 313 linear feat of 5′ tall white vinyl Tongue & Groove privacy fencing with Gothic-style post tops. An additional 1′ of white vinyl diagonal lattice decorates the top, making the total height 6 feet. One 10′ x 6′ double gate provides a spacious entrance into the backyard. 2′ x 6′ white vinyl deco runners offer quality and style with a single decorative feature. To ensure superior strength and durability, the bottom rail is reinforced with aluminum.

After: Vinyl Privacy Fencing

There are numerous reasons to have a fence installed (or rebuilt) along your property line. Fence & Deck Connection is proud to provide Marylanders with a secure outdoor space that serves as a private area to relax, use as recreation, or entertain friends and family. If you’ve been “on the fence” about moving forward with your plans, the spring is the perfect time to schedule your installation. Fill out a short contact form to get your fencing project started!