Makeover Monday: Vinyl Waterfront Fencing in Stevensville, Maryland

Your front or backyard fence should reflect your home’s personality, so the material its comprised of is one of the most crucial (and exciting) decisions you’ll make during the installation process. Different fencing materials differ in cost and require particular maintenance needs. Fence & Deck Connection offers a variety of materials to choose from that fit within any budget — wood, aluminum, vinyl, chain link and pool code fencing.

While chain link fencing is the most budget friendly option, it does not have the appeal and charm that a classic wood or vinyl fence may offer. Unlike wood fencing, vinyl fencing is a lower maintenance material because it does not peel, fade, warp, rot or chip.

Stevensville customers over on Maryland’s Eastern Shore contacted Fence & Deck Connection to beautify their waterfront property with new, updated fencing. Project Consultant Tracy Ours worked with homeowners to design a fencing solution that includes privacy and picket vinyl fencing, offering an attractive, secure space for dogs with a minimally restricted view of the Chesapeake Bay.


We first removed and hauled away the existing chain link fence before installing approximately 486 linear feet of 6′ tall privacy style fence with one 4′ wide walk gate and one 10′ wide double gate. An additional 347 linear feet of 4′ tall white vinyl contemporary picket fencing was installed for a more open and airy view. One 4′ wide walk gate and a 5′ wide walk gate were installed in this particular style. A 24″ S curve transition piece was used where the 6′ privacy and 4′ picket fence meet, for a seamless, clean look. Both fence styles have Gothic style post caps.


There are numerous reasons to have a fence installed (or rebuilt) along your property line. Fence & Deck Connection is proud to provide Marylanders with a secure outdoor space that serves as a private area to relax, use as recreation, or entertain friends and family. If you’ve been “on the fence” about moving forward with your plans, get your project started now with our best financing special of the year!