FDC Teams Up with TimberTech to Gift New Deck to Local Veteran

Fence & Deck Connection has a long standing commitment to giving back to our neighbors and friends in the communities we serve. One of the many ways we love to give back is through the Maryland non-profit organization Warrior Events. Warrior Events mission is to provide opportunities for interaction, enjoyment, and camaraderie for our warriors, and to raise awareness and appreciation among the public. It was through this amazing organization where we met SGT Rosa-Valentin. Each year, we sponsor the Warrior Events parade float in the Annapolis St. Patrick’s Parade and each year, SGT Rosa-Valentin is the first to show up at our Millersville pole barn to help us build and decorate the float. Throughout the years, we’ve learned so much about Luis, most notably his kindness, courageousness,
and perseverance.

In April 2008, two days before his 25th birthday, SGT Rosa-Valentin was part of the 4th Infantry Division, acting as a point man on a dismounted combat raid just outside of Baghdad, Iraq. During a six-hour firefight in an area filled with snipers and combatants, Luis assisted an injured buddy, helping to evacuate him out of the area, all the while being shot at by snipers. After leaving the helicopter landing zone and returning to the firefight, SGT Rosa-Valentin was scanning the rooftops for snipers when an IED exploded directly next to him. As a result of the blast, SGT Rosa-Valentin lost both legs above the knee,his left arm, below the elbow, the sight from his left eye, all hearing in both ears (he now wears a cochlear implant in either ear) and received a moderate brain injury.

Today, SGT Rosa-Valentin is medically retired and resides in Pasadena with his wife and five children. In 2017, Faces of Valor completely renovated and specially adapted his home, providing him a safe, stable, and an accessible environment for his family. However, we learned that SGT Rosa-Valentin’s outdoor space, including his back deck, were in dire need of repair. Showing signs of rot, it was unsafe for SGT Rosa-Valentin and his wheelchair, as well as his children who love to spend time outdoors. 

To complete this new construction and give SGT Rosa-Valentin the backyard that he deserves, Fence & Deck Connection teamed up with Timbertech/Azek to build a new 600 sq. ft. handicap accessible deck for SGT Luis Rosa-Valentin. Over the course of three days, our team removed and hauled away the existing deck and rebuilt the new one that will surely last for decades to come. 

While our installation crew worked on the deck rebuild, other Fence & Deck Connection team members, including owner Jim & Michelle Rubush, and Ben & Tina Wolod, did additional work to make the Rosa family’s outdoor space more livable. The Marketing team worked hard in the garage clearing out a space for SGT Luis-Rosa to work on his art — a passion and study since returning from overseas. Ownership cleaned up the backyard, trimming bushes, planting flowers, repairing the backyard fence, and reorganizing the fire pit and play areas.

It was an amazing week doing what we love — giving back and helping families make lifelong memories outdoors. We were so glad to document our experience and hear directly from those that made it happen, as well as SGT Luis-Rosa himself.

Thank you also to WMAR-2 News Baltimore for sharing Luis’ story! We are honored to have given Luis the outdoor space he and his family deserve. You can watch the full video coverage of Luis’ story here.