Makeover Monday: TruConnect Vinyl Fence in Millersville, Maryland

There are several reasons why homeowners decide to secure their property with a fence — safety and privacy being the biggest motivators. Not all fencing materials are created equal, however. While chain link is undoubtedly the most budget friendly option, it does not offer the same privacy and curb appeal as other options, such as wood or vinyl. Additionally, unlike chain link, which may require periodic painting to prevent rust, vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance-free, requiring only occasional cleaning.

Homeowners in Millersville, Maryland reached out to Fence & Deck Connection looking to upgrade their yard’s fencing. Project Consultant Jake Wolod helped design a more beautiful boundary using Fence & Deck Connection’s TruConnect vinyl privacy fencing.


We first removed the existing fence in order to install 392′ of 6′ tall TruConnect white vinyl fencing with New England post caps. Earlier this year, we introduced TruConnect, exclusively from Fence & Deck Connection. Our TruConnect technology for privacy fencing includes an interlocking picket system engineered to withstand higher wind loads. Not only will it give you full privacy, but it also gives additional strength to the fence, protecting your investment.

TruConnect combined with the TRT Top Rail Tie system is the ideal solution to having a strong, long-lasting fence. The Top Rail Tie is installed internally into a vinyl post after the rail has been installed to add strength and durability to the post and rail system. The Top Rail Tie replaces the outdated standard method which proved unreliable and damaging to vinyl posts overtime. The Top Rail Tie distributes the pull of the rail over the width of the vinyl fence post, which guarantees a secure fence without the concern of the screw coming loose or the vinyl post cracking.

For access in and out of the backyard, we installed one 10′ wide double gate, and one 4′ wide walk gate. The new fence not only looks great, but is also strong and sturdy — lasting years with little maintenance!