Makeover Monday: Privacy Wood Fence in Arnold, Maryland

If you’ve decided on a wood fence, there are still several design options and styles at your disposal. Homeowners might opt to switch from a board-on-board fence to a complete privacy fence for a more seamless and uniform appearance, as well as enhanced privacy and security. While a board-on-board fence offers some privacy with its overlapping panels, it may still allow gaps or visibility through the slats when looking at an angle, compromising privacy and security. Transitioning to a complete privacy fence eliminates these gaps, providing a solid barrier that shields the property from nosy neighbors and nearby noise.

Our clients in Arnold, Maryland reached out to Fence & Deck Connection when their board-on-board wood fence was showing signs of wear and tear, with several sections having toppled over. Project Consultant Brian Hannon worked with customers to design a new fence that spans the perimeter of their property, but this time, with complete privacy vertical board fencing. The switch to a complete privacy fence offers not only increased privacy and security, but a beautiful, solid backdrop for their yard!


We first removed approximately 350 sq. ft. of wood fencing before replacing the property line with 6′ tall pressure treated vertical board wood fencing with a cap board and flat plastic post caps. Two 4′ wide gates with standard hardware provide secured access to and from the yard. The front gate has a decorative arch for a warm, inviting look.


There are numerous reasons to have a fence installed (or rebuilt) along your property line. Fence & Deck Connection is proud to provide Marylanders with a secure outdoor space that serves as a private area to relax, use as recreation, or entertain friends and family. If you’ve been “on the fence” about moving forward with your plans, the spring is the perfect time to schedule your installation. Fill out a short contact form to get your fencing project started!