3 of the Hottest Deck Design Trends for Summer 2023

When designing an outdoor space, there are many factors that influence a decision. While some homeowners may choose their decking materials and layout on cost alone, most choose a space that not only fits within their budget, but also with the overall look and feel of their home. Each home and family is unique, so it only makes sense to make sure to design your deck with the same personality in mind!

Earlier this year, Trex released their predictions for some of this year’s outdoor trends. While wood decking is still a popular choice, composite decking is ideal for homeowners interested in the look of wood, without all of the pesky maintenance. Unlike wood, composite decking comes in a variety of colors and wood grain patterns, which means you can match the deck to your home’s exterior. Let’s discuss a few deck and backyard design trends, according to Trex, that will help homeowners in Maryland design their outdoor spaces as functional and stylish extensions of their homes.

Light Neutrals

According to a recent online poll for Builder, light neutral hues are expected to permeate home exteriors in 2023 due to their ability to create a sense of calm and serenity. Instead of dark stained natural wood, or dark brown hues for composite decking, warm grey tones have become the popular choice, by far, in the last few years. Neutral tones provide a “blank canvas” for homeowners to make the space their own, with deck furniture and accenting decor. Additionally, much like clothing darker colors absorb more sunlight than lighter colors, making the deck surface toasty on bare feet.

Enter, Trex Transcend® Lineage decking. Featuring four nature-inspired hues, including a creamy taupe, deep mocha, light coastal brown, and airy mountain grey, this new collection offers an elevated aesthetic with elegant graining that delivers an unmatched natural appearance. As an added bonus, Lineage decking is engineered with heat-mitigating technology in the shell to reflect the sun and keep boards cooler underfoot. It also resists fading, scratching and mold and never needs sanding, staining or painting. In addition to the Lineage line, we offer several other light neutral hues and tones!

Mixed Materials

Sure, stripes and plaid might not be the best apparel design match, but when it comes to home design and decor, matching is out — eclectic is in! Today’s homeowners are embracing eclectic design schemes with lots of visual interest created by juxtaposing materials, colors, and patterns. Though you may choose a light, neutral hue for the main decking, you can add a darker accent for a feature board that “picture frames” the deck, or on a cocktail rail that spans the entire deck’s railing. Trex also suggests integrating nature-inspired materials that complement the home’s natural surroundings and infusing creative contrast with pillows, cushions, furnishings and decorative accents. With screened porches in particular, you can really focus on attention to details and seasonal decor.


Nowadays, lifestyle, food, day-to-day products, and transportation purchasing decisions are just a few ways consumers impact their environmental footprint. For many, “going green” is just considered the norm — we all want to do our part. When it comes to homeownership, we’re left with more environmentally-friendly and energy efficient options, such as lightbulbs, paint, and appliances to name a few. While many of those decisions are made for the interior of the home, there are also ways to “go green” outside as well!

Composite decking is a hybrid product that’s composed primarily of wood fibers and recycled plastic. Trex decking, for example is made from a blend of 95% recycled film and reclaimed sawdust. sawdust from locally sourced reclaimed wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill. That reclaimed wood is then combined with Trex-recycled plastic film and other recycled components ranging from the overwrap on paper towels to dry cleaner bags, sandwich bags, newspaper sleeves, and grocery and shopping bags. The result is a dense, weather- and stain-resistant deck board that doesn’t splinter, warp, rot, or split, unlike wood. Thanks to these properties, this decking material requires far-less maintenance and upkeep — like the “set it and forget it” version of decking! If you want to consider your impact on trees and the great outdoors, while spending more time enjoying the great outdoors, composite decking is the easy choice.

Stylish Seclusion

If COVID taught us anything, it’s that your home needs to be our sanctuary — a place where you feel safe and secure indoors and outdoors. When you spend time outdoors, particularly in your backyard, privacy becomes a priority. When it’s time for after school play, intimate family dinners, nighttime soaks in the hut tub, or a big summer BBQ, you deserve to be in in charge of the guest list — the eyes and ears of close neighbors didn’t RSVP! This penchant for stylish seclusion is driving demand for products like privacy fencing panels, pergolas, and lattice. Not only are these solutions visually appealing, but they’re also durable and easy to maintain. Incorporating plants and greenery is another clever way to enhance privacy. To add pops of color and creativity, homeowners can opt hanging baskets, planter boxes, pouches or a trellis dripping with flowers or ivy.

When you decide time to invest in a deck makeover, it’s definitely wise to consider outdoor design trends along with your budget. While summer trends may change with time, neutral colors, sustainability, and the need for privacy are definitely here to stay. If you’re interested in modernizing your outdoor space with composite decking, look no further than your most trusted local deck installation company!

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