Makeover Monday: Trex Enhance Clam Shell Deck in Annapolis

As the years pass and the seasons take their toll, outdoor decks endure constant exposure to the elements, foot traffic, and general wear and tear. Eventually, the signs of aging become evident, signaling the need for a crucial decision: when is it time to replace a deck? Whether it’s due to structural issues, extensive damage, or simply the desire to upgrade to a more modern or maintenance-free design, recognizing the telltale signs of a deteriorating deck is essential.

Homeowners in Annapolis, Maryland reached out to Fence & Deck Connection when they decided it was time for a deck upgrade. With the help of Project Consultant Kevin Bullion, our clients have a brand new composite deck that updates the home’s exterior and provides a safe, spacious environment for relaxing and entertaining!


old wooden deck in annapolis
deck replacement in annapolis maryland

While Fence & Deck Connection offers complete demo and removal of existing fences and decks, our clients in Annapolis decided to demo their existing deck themselves. Once that initial step was completed, our installation crew then arrived to construct a new 252 sq. ft. structure adorned with Trex Enhance decking in the Clam Shell hue. Trex Enhance decking stands out as a superior choice for homeowners seeking a balance between durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance in their outdoor living spaces, all within budget. Renowned for its sleek, charcoal-gray hue, Clam Shell adds a touch of modern elegance to any deck. Trex Enhance decking resists fading, staining, and scratching, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

A Clam Shell seam board and feature board add an intentional decorative touch, and white vinyl Washington-style railing with standard balusters encloses the space. To create a beautiful after dark ambiance and ensure the space can safely be used in the nighttime, our clients decided to add a lighting package that includes 14 white Iris lights on each post along the railing and 8 white Pyxis step tread lights on every other step that leads down to the backyard.


Trex Enhance decking in Clam Shell
Trex decking in Clam Shell hue with railing lights
Trex deck with railing lights

Are you interested in upgrading your outdoor space? Winter is the best time to install a new fence or deck. Our Maryland fence and deck company can help bring your vision to life before spring Head over to our contact page to fill out a quick form to schedule a free onsite estimate!