3 Steps to Prepare Your Deck for a Summer Staycation

Memorial Day weekend is finally here which means it’s time to make your outdoor space worthy of a summer staycation. Before you fill up your schedule with backyard barbecues and evening get-togethers, you’ll want to make sure your deck is in tip-top shape and prepared for use. Below, you’ll find a few steps you should take to beautify your outdoor space now, so you can kick back and relax all summer long.

Step 1: Conduct an Inspection

Winter and spring weather can cause some unexpected damage to decks, especially if they are wood. Spend a few minutes walking the entire deck, looking for any loose boards or railings. Be sure to also check under the deck for any mildew, rot, or loose nails. If you find any corroding fasteners, damaged posts, or boards that are loose or warped, it’s definitely smart to get those repaired as soon as possible. If it appears your deck needs quite a bit more work than just a few simple repairs, it might be time for an upgrade: make the switch from wood to composite, expand an existing structure, or build an entirely new deck!

Step 2: Bust Out the Cleaning Supplies

Maryland typically has one or two weeks of pleasant spring and summer temperatures before every day feels like a scorcher. Before it gets too unbearable, make sure you get in a good cleaning session — especially to clear away the sniffle-inducing pollen. A pressure washer can clean dirt and grime away quickly and efficiently, but you’ll want to make sure to use a more mild setting, as a high pressure setting could damage the fibers of the wood. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, any areas where dirt and debris have gathered can be sprayed with a garden hose. For composite decks in particular, use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris from the embossing pattern.

Step 3: Dress it Up

If any parts of a wood deck seem faded or worn, repainting or restaining can certainly make the deck more visually pleasing. It also seals the wood, protecting it from moisture, staining, and insects. Use long, smooth strokes with a roller or synthetic brush to apply solid stains in thin coats and semi-transparent stains or clear sealers in even thinner coats. Whatever type of stain you use, apply two coats to ensure there are no missed spots and to get a more uniform finish.

If you need help creating an outdoor space that will last year-round, contact local, trusted professionals. For nearly 30 years, Fence & Deck Connection has designed and installed high-quality fences and decks for families in Anne Arundel County and beyond. Please contact Fence & Deck Connection at 410-757-5511 or stop by our outdoor showroom at 8057 Veterans Hwy, Millersville, MD 21108 to learn more about our many fence and deck options customizable to your needs.