Makeover Monday: Cypress Vinyl Privacy Fence in West River, Maryland

For decades, wooden fences were the standard. When properly maintained, they’re sturdy, long-lasting, and have that classic elegant, charm. However, compared to other fencing materials, wood fencing is high maintenance and has to be stained and/or painted regularly.

When homeowners in Anne Arundel County came to Fence & Deck Connection, their home’s perimeter wood fencing was in bad shape. Posts were missing from years of wear, tear, and weather, the wood was chipping and breaking, and it was green and discolored from mold and rot. Wanting the look of wood, but with far less maintenance, Project Consultant Andrew Vidulich knew just how to help. We installed two different styles of fencing, one of which is a beautiful cypress vinyl privacy fence that is the definition of curb appeal!


We first removed and hauled away the existing fence before installing two different styles and materials of fencing for our West River, Maryland customers. The first style was 80 linear feat of 4′ tall paddock style fencing with black wire mesh on the outside of the fence. Residential paddock fencing is common for larger estates or enclosing farms where horses or livestock are present. The wire mesh allows for visibility and an unobstructed view.

The second style of fencing installed was 158′ of 6′ tall vinyl privacy fence in the beautiful Cypress color. This wood-grain vinyl option Fence & Deck Connection’s innovative color streaking that occurs during manufacturing creates a natural wood pattern that differs on each board, creating the look of real wood with the endurance of vinyl. One 10′ wide straight top gate with keystone latches, and two 4′ wide straight top gates with keystone latches provide access in and out of the backyard.


Has your backyard fencing seen better days? Now might be the time to install high-quality vinyl fencing that will keep your yard safe and secure, without the worry of intensive maintenance. Fill out our short contact form to get started on your project and maybe your space will be a future #MakeoverMonday!