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Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing, Wood fence Materials, Fence wood cost

Wood Fence Materials

For most homeowners, when it comes to fencing, it has to be made of wood. There is something very quintessential about it and this material never seems to go out of style. Fence & Deck Connection has been in the landscaping business for a number of years and we know from experience that people in Annapolis and the surrounding areas prefer installing wood fences on their property. We have installed these fences in numerous homes across South Gate, Odenton and Crofton and have provided homeowners with different types of fences such as:

  • Picket
  • Board
  • Post
  • Split Rail
  • Privacy

The Advantages of Wood Fencing (including wood fencing cost)

Let’s understand what the advantages of wood fences are and that will help us understand why it is so popular:

Wood Fencing, Wood fence Materials, Wood Fencing cost
  • Cost - Some of the species of high-quality wood that we use for fencing can sometimes be expensive but its durability offsets the cost very effectively. In the long-term, wood fencing is a very cost-effective option

  • Customization - Wood is a very versatile material and can be customized to suit any kind of fencing requirement

  • Maintenance - Though regular maintenance is a must; it is not a very difficult task. Over a period of time, exposure to the sun and other elements might lead to splintering, chipping or fading of the wood. Treating the wood at regular intervals and carrying out minor repairs is all that is required to keep the wood fencing looking new

  • Durability - Wood fencing that has been maintained well, will age much better than most other materials. Over a period of time, the wood matures, which adds to its character. Most other materials will not age as well as wood

  • Environmentally-friendly - Wood that is used in the construction of homes and in elements like wood fencing is made from harvested wood which can be re-grown. This makes it a very environment-friendly material. In addition, any old or damaged fencing can also be disposed-off safely without causing any harm to the environment. The same cannot really be said about some man-made fencing materials that are currently available in the market

Contact the Experts

No matter which way you look at it, wood fencing comes out tops on all fronts. Contact Fence & Deck Connection at 8057 Veterans Hwy Annapolis, MD 21108, for customized wood fencing solutions. We have very skilled and experienced craftsman and installers and can create the most aesthetic fences on your property. Just as you choose which type of wood you want for your fencing you can also tell us exactly what design and style you have envisioned and we will tailor-fit the work for you.

We harbor a great deal of expertise in this domain and can also handle associated outdoor jobs. We pay a lot of attention to detail and efficiency is paramount to us. If you live in Odenton, Crofton, South Gate or any of the surrounding areas, and need high-quality wood fencing installed, contact us right away.

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