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Pool Code Fencing Options

Each Fence & Deck Connection fence is more than an enclosure surrounding your pool; it's a reflection of your lifestyle, custom tailored to complement your home's architecture, pool, and back yard. We understand that as you move forward with the many decisions that are part of creating a backyard dream, choosing your new pool fence can prove harder than anticipated. With varying county codes & permitting, styles and colors, simplifying the process is our commitment to you.

Fence & Deck Connection has been installing pool fencing since 1991 using the finest quality materials available, while providing the highest level of workmanship in the industry. You can rest assured that we will do everything possible to make your project go smoothly.

Pool Code Fencing, Pool Fencing Options Pool Code Fencing, Pool Fencing Options

Building Codes

Helpful Resources

The Basics

Swimming pool barrier guidelines were developed to keep young children safe. Constructing this barrier around your pool allows for more safely controlled access to the pool area. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has released a brochure that explains the safety concerns in more depth. Their publication can be found here. The main idea behind these guidelines is to prevent a child from accessing the pool without supervision. A child should not be able to climb over, crawl under, or pass through the barrier without the assistance of an adult. This is done by minimizing gaps or possible climbing handles in the fence, as well as ensuring the gate is effective. The basic guidelines for pool code fencing include:

Pool Code height requirements
48 inches or higher
Pool Code climbing requirements
Unclimbable from outside
Pool Code Fencing gate requirements
Self-closing, latched gate

The BOCA National Building Code contains a set of guidelines when building barriers and fencing around a swimming pool. These are only guidelines, but your local government has law-binding codes that likely reflect these guidelines very closely. BOCA building codes should act only as a supplement to your local building codes. The links provided at the top of this page should give you a general understanding of your area's codes, but keep in mind that these codes can change. The most up-to-date requirements are available online via your county government's website.

Material for Pool Fencing Options

There are several material options that comply with pool code guidelines. While these options can change from county to county, here are some of our BOCA compliant fence styles:


Pool Code wood fences for pools
3-rail split rail with 1x2 mesh
3, 4 & 5 rail with 1.2 mesh
Spaced picket with 1.75" spacing


Pool Code vinyl fences for pools
Closed top


Pool Code aluminum fences for pools

Chain Link

Pool Code chain link fences for pools
Chain Link

Accessories for Fences for Pools

After choosing your fence style, you can start to personalize your new outdoor living space. Accessories can provide additional safety, ease of use, or make your fence more aesthetically pleasing. As part of BOCA guidelines, your hinges and latches should be self-closing and securely latched. Here are some of our BOCA compliant accessory options:

  • Latches
    • Magni-latch 54" off grade
    • Self-closing latches
  • Hinges

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